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Available for pride month with 24 hour notice

Best Mexican Bread of the bay 
Fresh Mexican bread (Pan Dulce) Cakes for all occasions including 3 leches cakes, cream cake, chocolate cake, red velvet, rum cake, filled with fruit or jam Caffe de Olla (traditional hot coffee with cinnamon)

Fresh bread

We customize cakes

Family Recipes

Joshua P.

Highly reliable service at a fair price. I love their tres leches cake. I haven't been exposed to other Mexican bakeries that can compare with the style of Mexican bakeries back home in Los Angeles but this one comes close to it. Their other pan ducles are fresh as well and would not overlook them.

Dianne V.

I'm so picky about my pan dulce and this place is amazing, the conchas are fresh and the little molasses piggies (marranitos) are perfect! Everywhere else they're too dry, only coming here from now on!

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Mon-Sat 6am-8pm / Sun 7am-12pm


615 Linden Ave, South San Francisco, CA 94080