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Some of the best pan dulce I've had. Conchas are amazing. Wish there were more flavors/colors to choose from but still delicious. Empanadas also great. Will definitely make the trek up here again!
Bella S.

Ruth P.

This place is amazing! You can smell the cinnamon and sugary goodness from a block away when your in the area. You walk in and there's rows of sheet pans filled with various varieties of Mexican Pan Dulce. This place is as OG as it gets. The conchas taste great and you know Pan is good if there's line of Hispanics waiting to buy bread. Make sure you have cash unless you purchasing more than $10 which can be super easy to do. A must-try when in the area!!!

Sara H.

Just moved to the Bay Area and I just discovered this place!!! The bread is delicious and they have so many to choose from. The staff is friendly and pleasant. We went very close to closing but there were still many to choose from. Will be going back earlier in the day next time.

Paola S.

Best bakery! No comparison fresh bread terrific taste!! "I go there once a week!" And I'll for sure always keep going this turned into my favorite bakery!

Raquel B.

The best pan dulce ever! If you get there at the right time, you can grab it fresh out of the oven. Affordable, yummy & authentic. 10/10 would recommend!

Efrain S.

The best sweet Mexican bread in South City! If you are looking for a fresh out of the oven Mexican bread this it is your #1 spot to stop by! Highly recommend.

Ally B.

Super nice owner, I bought like 5 conchas and some other stuff that I don't know the real name of :) All taste good. Will come back for sure.

Miss F.

Woo hooo! If you walk the line you can feel which pastries are still warm. Have you ever had a piping hot concha? Many of my coworkers who are "born and raised" love these treats. The price is ridiculous! Coffee, don't. But this isn't a coffee place. This is my absolute favorite sugar-coated baked goods spot. Go!

Maritza G.

I love this bakery all the break is good but the conchas are the best. The staff here is also very friendly. I will definitely keep coming here and recommend it to everyone.

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